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MCS Synergy Limited is a consulting firm with expertise in end-to-end consulting, know-how of current markets, deep understanding of emerging technologies and outsourcing models which helps in the conceptualization of disruptive innovative ideas.  We don’t just offer recommendations; we walk our talk and this has led to the achievement of “Value-Driven Solutions in our Brands.

MindCraft SMarketing Consulting,

We are very passionate about consumer experience and work as strategic advisors to companies in the consumer goods and service sector who are interested in effective- Route to Market Development, SMarketing Strategy Development, Brand Integration, Business Support and Multiple Product Portfolio Integration, Training and Consulting Services.

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MindCraft QAACAT Academy

Bespoke Professional and Academic training in Business and Technology Management, Industrial Technology, Sales and Marketing, Environmental Health and Safety, Project Management, Information Technology and many others. Lean more

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MindCraft Tech Foundry

Tech Foundry designed to discover and mentor talented individuals and founders at the idea stage, and mate them with the correct expertise, such as the right team of soft tech specialist and SMarketing specialist that will guide them to grow ideas to market traction notwithstanding scarce resources. Our ‘Go Build Something from Nothing’ mantra encapsulates our goal of creating lean start-ups with big dreams working with the right network of investors in their evolution. Lean more

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Asapp IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) is a life science startup with a mission to provide Lives with Quality, Accessible, Timely and Affordable Consumer Healthcare through Digital Technology. ASAPP’s goal is to become an essential and critical resource hub for Healthcare Consumers and Providers globally.

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Vision and Mission Statements

Our mission is to continuously discover disruptive and superior processes and technologies that lead to the creation of global business and societal solutions through our empowered Team of Great Mind.

To be a leading global brand in the creation and delivery of strategic and tactical business processes which enable the actualization of clients professional and business mission in real time.

“Icon of excellence for innovative solutions in real time”
This underscores our quest to enthrone excellent professional solutions which enable the delivery of innovative, competitive and sustainable results that paves the path for the actualization of client business values in real time.

• SMART and Practical Disruptive Solutions
• Genuine Goodwill, Integrity and Client Value Focus
• Respect and Safeguard of Client’s Confidential Information

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